Generika Drugstore celebrates Dalawang Dekada ng Ginhawa with National Libreng Konsulta Day

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare in the Philippines, one steadfast promise has endured— Generika Drugstore’s unwavering commitment to its founding vision of empowering Filipinos to take better care of their health by providing access to quality, affordable medicines and other healthcare essentials. This is the Ginhawang Generika promise that seeded its founding in 2003 by Messrs. Teodoro Ferrer and Julien Belo. 

Twenty years from its founding, Generika Drugstore, now a member of the Ayala Healthcare Group (AC Health), celebrates “Dalawang Dekada ng Ginhawa.” To commemorate this significant milestone, Generika Drugstore conducted a National Libreng Konsulta Day last September 23 across its store network, providing its customers access to free consultation with its partner-doctors. 

National Libreng Konsulta Day: An expression of gratitude 

Generika Drugstore President & CEO, Atty. Yet Abarca, greets and expresses gratitude to the store’s loyal customers.

Generika Drugstore has been running scheduled Libreng Konsulta for years, a staple program of its stores to help its customers manage their health needs. 

Norberto Valencia, a 58-year-old father, expressed how thankful he is for Generika Drugstore’s services such as the Libreng Konsulta. According to him, “Napakalaking bagay sa aming mahihirap ang Libreng Konsulta dahil dito kami nagkakaroon ng pagkakataon na makapagpatingin sa doktor. At dahil mura rin ang presyo, mas nakakayanan naming makabili ng gamot para sa aming pamilya.”

“We have seen the need of our customers to also consult with a doctor, but for various reasons some are unable to do so.  We figured we can help address that need by providing access to free consultations with a partner-doctor within the vicinity of our stores at a designated time. What better way to celebrate our anniversary than to hold a simultaneous Libreng Konsulta across our store network, as a way of not just thanking our customers for their support but to affirm our commitment to continue to be their healthcare partner,” said Atty. Yet Abarca, President & CEO of Generika Drugstore. 

DOH Chief of the Pharmaceutical Division, Dr. Fides Buenafe, commends Generika Drugstore for its continued efforts in making healthcare more accessible to communities.

Dr. Fides V. Buenafe, Chief of the Pharmaceutical Division of the Department of Health (DOH), who joined the opening ceremony of the National Libreng Konsulta Day at the Generika Drugstore Signal Village, Taguig City branch, lauded the company’s commitment in reaching the underserved communities. She shared, “The Department of Health commends Generika Drugstore for their invaluable contribution to improving healthcare access through the National Libreng Konsulta program. This initiative aligns with our mission to promote equitable healthcare for all and significantly contributes to our collective efforts in achieving a Healthy Pilipinas.” 

This was echoed by DOH Secretary Ted Herbosa who described Generika Drugstore as a beacon of hope to those seeking affordable healthcare solutions. “Through our shared commitment in providing access to quality healthcare, we have helped improve the health and well-being of countless individuals and families across the nation.”

Upholding the Ginhawang Generika Promise

Libreng Konsulta stands as a testament to the different ways Generika Drugstore has been providing Ginhawa for two decades now. Sparked by compassion and fueled by a relentless pursuit for affordable and accessible healthcare, the company vows to continue this service, empowering more communities to take charge of their health.

As part of Generika Drugstore’s 20th anniversary, customers also enjoyed freebies and bigger savings on Actimed Generics and Nutrawell Supplements.

As Generika Drugstore marks its 20th anniversary, Mr. Teodoro Ferrer, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Generika Drugstore, is confident that Generika Drugstore will be able to touch more lives and serve more communities. “Dalawang dekada na tayo and I’m sure that with the support of AC Health, we will continue to innovate to better address the healthcare needs of our customers.”

AC Health President & CEO, Mr. Paolo Borromeo, thanks the company’s partner doctors, who have made Generika Drugstore’s Dalawang Dekada ng Ginhawa possible.

AC Health President and CEO Paolo Borromeo meanwhile expressed his optimism that Generika Drugstore will continue to grow as it fulfills its pivotal role in the group’s ecosystem. “I have no doubt that AC Health and Generika Drugstore will continue to work together even more in promoting affordable and accessible generic medicines for all Filipinos.”

As Generika Drugstore journeys beyond 20 years, it will continue to make quality and affordable healthcare more accessible by building and strengthening its portfolio of generic medicines and healthcare essentials, supporting healthcare policies, touching more lives with its PLUS services, and expanding its footprint to reach more communities nationwide.From L-R: Generika Drugstore Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Gino Guinto, AC Health President & CEO, Mr. Paolo Borromeo, Generika Drugstore Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ted Ferrer, DOH Chief of Pharmaceutical Division, Dr. Fides Buenafe, South Signal Village, Taguig, Brgy. Captain Michelle Odevilas, and Generika Drugstore President & CEO, Atty. Yet Abarca

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Written by Eric Magundayao


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