J83º Beach Lounge: A New Beach Lounge Set to Sail on Palawan’s Shores

Marimegmeg Beach in El Nido, Palawan, renowned among foreign tourists for its pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets, is about to unveil one of its best-kept secrets: J83º Beach Lounge. It will be operated by Araw Hospitality Group, the same visionary team behind the award-winning Lihim Resorts in El Nido.

Set along the finest white sands of Marimegmeg Beach, J83º Beach Lounge or simply called J83º will be poised to become the premier destination for discerning travelers and locals alike. With its strategic location and unique offerings, J83º aims to redefine the concept of beachside relaxation and entertainment.

Inspired by the allure of the ocean, J83º’s nautical theme will evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. Whether lounging in one of the beach huts or soaking in the stunning sunset views, guests will feel transported to a world of gastronomic seaside wonder.

Guests and locals alike can expect a seamless transition between day and night at J83º Beach Lounge, thanks to its meticulously curated selection of multi-sensory appointments as well as its gastronomic feats that embrace the seaside theme. From savory pizzas and calzones to flavorful fajitas and tacos, each dish celebrates coastal flavors, while fresh salads and indulgent pastas complement the stunning views. As the sun sets, it transforms into a vibrant party destination with thematic cocktails and mocktails. Well-loved local beers and other alcoholic beverages are also available, ensuring every guest finds their perfect libation to enhance the coastal experience.

Araw Hospitality Group, the driving force behind J83º Beach Lounge, is a venture of Jean Henri Lhuillier, a pioneer in the homegrown hospitality and restaurant industry. With successful brands such as UNWND Boutique Hotel, Nawa Wellness, and of course, Lihim Resorts, El Nido, under its belt, Araw Hospitality Group brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to the table.

The soft opening of J83º Beach Lounge is scheduled this May, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Palawan’s food and beverage scene. Whether seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a taste of paradise, J83º invites guests to experience the magic of Marimegmeg Beach in style.
For more information and updates, follow J83º Beach Lounge on Facebook or Instagram @j83elnido.

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Written by Eric Magundayao


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