The Holiday Spirit continues at EVER Commonwealth: The Christmas Tree has been Lit!

What went down at the spectacular Christmas Tree Lighting at EVER Commonwealth

Hands down, EVER Commonwealth’s “Merry and Sweet” celebration is a must-see for every Filipino– from gift-giving to the most anticipated Christmas Tree lighting!

Countdown to Christmas 

The majestic countdown to the holiday season was unveiled last September 16 at EVER Commonwealth. And boy, you could see that everyone was ecstatic as the seconds passed on the countdown. 

The EVER-Merry Festivities Continue!

EVER Commonwealth did not stop at their countdown to their “100 Days of Christmas”, but continued the festivities with the show stopping Christmas Tree Lighting celebration along their renowned Calle Bistro. 

Held last October 22nd, EVER Commonwealth hosted the merriest Christmas Tree Lighting event where we are reminded of the magic that this holiday season brings into our lives. It’s a time of love, kindness, and togetherness – values that are at the core of Ever Commonwealth’s Merry and Sweet Christmas campaign.

Thanks to Calle Bistro, anticipated visitors can also hang out at their favourite restaurants while waiting for the tree to be lit.

The holiday crowd gathered with their loved ones around the tree, with their phones on stand-by to capture the remarkable Christmas Tree Lighting.

Serenades of Christmas

Accompanying the Tree Lighting event were voices that serenaded the visitors into the perfect holiday ambience.

After acknowledging the VIPs of the event, Althea Ruedas, Grand Winner of EVER Kiddies Star Year 16 Edition sang her heartfelt number welcoming in the Christmas mood before the tree lighting.

Christmas remains to be “Merry and Sweet”

Christmas continues at EVER Commonwealth, as Ms. Chie Arao Santos stated in her Welcome Speech.

“It gives me great joy to serve as an avenue for wishing each and every one of you a Merry and Sweet Christmas. Let this holiday serve as a reminder to you that despite life’s hustle and bustle, you should always remember to cherish the time you spend with loved ones, to enjoy the little pleasures in life, and lend a hand to those who are less fortunate.

Santos continued, highlighting that the countdown was not just about the dazzling lights but was also an effort to spread the message of a Merry and Sweet Christmas. “As we anticipate the lighting of the Christmas Tree, we hope you find light of love and compassion that shines within each of us,” she said. 

She finished her speech by leaving a Merry and Sweet reminder to all: “Let us be the bearers of joy, the givers of love, and the champions of kindness in our communities.”

As the crowd grew in numbers, the EVER Magical Mascot and Dance festivities entertained the crowd with their joyous choreography keeping the crowd hyped.

It is also at this moment wherein the upcoming activities were announced, including the Joyful Shopping Days with Holiday Sales; Cheery Sights and Sounds with a Santa Meet and Greet; Christmas Promos and Rewards and Holiday Food Delights to fill those hungry stomachs during Christmas shopping!

Graced by the EVER lovely Ms. Geneva Cruz

And as anticipated, fans of Ms. Geneva Cruz cheered as she enchanted the audience with her golden voice and charmed guests with her holiday tunes. She sang some familiar OPM Christmas songs in a beautiful, serene, and entrancing manner that surely transported passersby and guests into their merriest version of Christmas.

As the seconds ticked during the countdown of the Tree Lighting, Ms. Geneva Cruz alongside VIPs led the lighting of the dazzling Christmas Tree.

With the tree adorned with glistening lights and colorful ornaments that screams of the holiday spirit, EVER Commonwealth’s message of a Sweet and Merry Christmas this year will surely be received by Filipinos.

EVER Commonwealth surely made a memorable Christmas Tree Lighting by painting the dark night with bright colors from the beautiful fireworks display that surely capped off the event with a bang.

The Christmas Tree Lighting event ended but the fun didn’t stop there as Christmas still continues at EVER Commonwealth with ongoing promos and rewards for everyone!

Just like you, we are thrilled to celebrate the holiday season at EVER Commonwealth!

Everyone is welcome to take part in this enchanted event at EVER Commonwealth, where the Christmas spirit is present and thriving.

The Merry & Sweet Christmas continues

To remain updated on the latest developments, events, and surprises for “A Merry & Sweet Christmas at Ever,” stay connected with EVER Commonwealth on social media (@Ever Gotesco Malls-OFFICIAL). Join us in savoring the season’s enchantment and making this Yuletide the most merriest and sweetest yet.

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Written by Eric Magundayao


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